My Heart Aches

My Heart Aches

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When providing encouragement to a friend or family member grieving their pregnancy or infant loss, it is so common to want to try and make it just a little bit better for them. There is a desire to want to be a “fixer” and provide some kind of logic to why this very illogical, unimaginable loss happened. While this is obviously comes from a place of deep love, it can be discomforting when others try to provide answers for your grief.

Especially as a Christian, the phrases “God has a plan”, “This was a part of God’s plan”, “It was just God’s will”, “Everything happens for a reason”, etc… are frequently heard in the grief community. Regardless of individual beliefs about the theology and truth to these statements, they may not fall on comforted hearts. Those statements are very hard to wrestle with, and trust me, your loved one is wrestling with them.

I saw this quote on Lysa Terkeurst’s instagram very soon after losing our Millie. It said exactly what I wished everyone would say to me: That there were no answers to this and that they would just weep with us.

Front: There is a place for solid Christian answers…But there is also a place to just weep with no answers at all.

Inside: My heart aches for the loss of your little one.

Size: 4.25x5.5

Accompanied by kraft paper euro flap envelope and a plastic protective sleeve.

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